Minimal Invasion and Greater Predictability in Extraction using Bioextractor Followed by Immediate Implantation



Abstract: Extraction is a common operation in oral surgery, being associated with the loss of alveolar bone, which occurs by both physiological and iatrogenic mechanisms, therefore, no extraction technique is completely atraumatic. The advent of several exciting technological advances in ambulatory oral surgery and extraction techniques in the past decade, so a variety of new instruments and techniques are revolutionizing the fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery and dentistry. This clinical case report aims to demonstrate the use of Bioextractor, a new tooth extraction instrument, which proposes the possibility of performing dental root extraction surgery, with less invasion, reducing harmful changes in the region close to the dental element, offering better maintenance stability the alveolar bone, vestibular person wall and adjacent soft tissue, for immediate installation of osseointegrated implants. In view of the related literature associated with the clinical case presented, we can conclude that the use of the Bioextractor, makes it possible to maintain the structure adjacent to the extracted dental element, facilitating extraction even in situations of greater complexity for stability of the peri -implant complex, even if it is necessary new studies on the use of instruments.