Assessment of Hydrophilia of Biomaterials Blocks from Different Origins Used for Bone Augmentation



“The aim of this study is to compare topographically the hydrophilic potential of two different types of biomaterials through argentic impregnation. The experiment used five blocks of integral bovine bone (n = 5) consisting of an organic portion and a mineral portion (Bio-Oss Block, Geist ich Pharma, Welhausen, Switzerland); five blocks of bovine bone (n = 5), consisting of a mineral portion (Lumina Block, Criteria, São Paulo, Brazil); five blocks of equine bone (n = 5) (Bio-Gen, BIOTECK, Arcangelo, Italy). A model tomography I-Cat was used. The images were created in DICOM with the following acquisition protocol: MAX Fo V of 6 cm with 40-seconds exposure of 0.2 mm voxel (MAX Hight Resolution), tridimensional image, with 4.2 mm of depth and 103.67 of diameter compared in terms of weight and density in the initial and final conditions. The non-parametric tests of Wilcoxon Signed Rank and Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney were used in the analysis of results”